Kaybee Office

Kaybee Office

Location ; Mumbai
Area : 3000sqft
Completed : April 2013

Kaybee Exports is one of the largest exporters in India of fresh agricultural produce to Europe and other countries.
We kept in mind throughout the project to retain and aesthetically promote the Companies earthy and green business proposition. That’s why the material tones are earthy and we have interspersed green elements throughout the office. For us design is not a linear process, it is done organically. Several everyday elements relevant to a particular project are chosen as anchors of inspiration. These anchors are developed and refined and used as design elements or details all at the same time looking at the holistic objective of the design. 
In this project the various anchors set were a. the culture of the company to guide the space planning, b. the nature of the business for the material selection,(wood, stone, greenwalls) c. the logo (the leaf motif of suspended lights) and d. the brand color. 


14 April 2016