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You don’t always get a clean slate... but you do get a second Chance

We recently did a renovation and expansion project. It was an architectural project in which we had to do an exterior makeover and plan a additional floor for a already constructed villa.   

This was challenging and exciting, because most of the time, we are given an  empty piece of land (a clean slate), to design the structure where we have complete control over its planning, functionality and aesthetics. But when it’s a renovation or up-gradation or revitalization  project, there is an already built structure, for which you have to make alterations and additions, keeping in mind the structural limitations and the aesthetic restrictions, due to the existing proportions. This is even more  challenging if you want to not only upgrade the aesthetic of the structure but to do it in such a way that it aligns with your own aesthetic style.

As for this project, the client had built this weekend home (a farmhouse) on a sprawling piece of land with a beautiful view of the river. The original structure was built 10 years back and done with a simple grid planning and had structural provision for future expansion. It was perfect setting for a weekend home but needed an equally fabulous aesthetics for the structure.

So we wanted the exterior makeover to be striking and bold. After playing around with different ideas we realized the only way to make it bold was to stretch and extend the existing flat proportion. Hence the added floor was given a sloping roof and a 5ft overhang from all sides to not only protect from the monsoon rains but also to emphasize and enhance the horizontal linearity. We planned a verandah with a swing set which has a panoramic view of the river ( a typical yearning of any urban dweller). The external staircase was enveloped with a stone screen in a bar code pattern with punctures which allow the sunlight to filter in and create beautiful pattern on walls and floor.

Check out the images of the original structure and the renovated one.   


This project was a repeat project (hence the second chance in the title of the blog post), by our client, for whom we had earlier designed interiors for his office. So, as a company principle we call any project successful, not only when it looks good, functions well, is delivered on time, but also when we get repeat project from the client, either for themselves or as a recommendation. 



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